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Scott's Computer Help

Is your Computer running slowly?
Need Help and Guidance in using your Computer? 

For fast, honest and prompt expert computer tune-up and repair, contact me. Your computer will be expertly serviced at the lowest cost to yourself.

I've trained 100's of people in computers and fixed 100's of computers professionally since 2009. I guarantee all my work and believe in word-of-mouth recommendations as the most effective way to advertise.

Most of the software I recommend is freely available. I currently specialise in speeding up Windows 10 computers that run slowly.


Contact me and book a time today! The average consultation time is 2 hours.

My services include:

·       Speeding up and fixing all Windows computers, Apple Mac, iPhones/iPads and Android (Samsung) issues.

·       Fixing Internet & Wireless Internet issues

·       NBN pricing recommendations

·       NBN relocating of equipment.

·       Internet Security & AntiVirus Installations and recommendations

·       Computer purchasing recommendations

·       Tablet Training 

·       Smart Phone Training, Troubleshooting (iPhone & Samsung) 

·       Helping you choose the right mobile phone plan.

·       Getting your training hours to continue your professional development (PD).

·       Wix Website setup and Training

·       Backup setup - including Cloud services

·       Data Recovery

·       Fixing issues remotely

·       Training in Applications and Websites including: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Publisher), Outlook (Email), eBay, Facebook, YouTube, Adobe Photoshop, Picasa, Photo for Mac, Paint programs

Rates charged :

$100 Per Hour (No Callout fee or Annual Charge) - billed in 30 min blocks.

Phone: 0403 918 443


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